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Z. Moss


I’d like to say I always wanted to write. But that would be a lie. My soon-to-be-published first novel came by way of a lifelong love affair with books and a curious little cloud.

It started in first grade. Reading was a superpower, and I had to spread the ability. Each day after school, I’d plunk my three-year-old brother down and regurgitate my lessons to him. I imagined myself the youngest teacher ever.

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By sixth grade, I hung out among the Encyclopedia Browns and Nancy Drews when I was supposed to be playing dodgeball or cleaning erasers. (Chalk erasers. I'm that old.) As the year progressed, the teachers arranged for us students to participate in various walkathons and runathons. Each time, I took a hard pass. Until ... the Multiple Sclerosis read-athon. Oh, baby. I consumed thirty books in thirty days. Imagine my neighbors’ faces when I told them how much they owed the MS Society.


Some high schools banned Judy Blume back then, but mine didn’t. So with a nervous thrill, I read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. After that, I suffered with Deenie when the scoliosis cast left her wearing only a see-through fabric tube. Judy’s stories felt different. She wrote real. And funny.


Today, you'll find me in Stillwater, the birthplace of Minnesota, where the St. Croix Valley sings to me every day. I belong to a book club of fierce ladies who can murder a bowl of guacamole. Before long my daughter shall grow too old to read with me (my son, sigh, has reached that milestone). And soon, hopefully my own stories will tickle the minds of kids and adults alike.

About the cloud. Use the button below to learn how a plucky hunk of vapor goaded a novel out of me. I owe that cumulus a debt of gratitude.


Coming Soon—

Book One of the Skyclyffe Series

Rex Bright draws in a notebook, likes to think of people by nicknames, and has invented a little. Nothing crazy. He’s really just a regular teen with a few bullies and no dad.

Until he sees a face in a cloud.

Rex glimpses the girl from a plane window while on his way to his aunt and uncle’s farm for the summer. Her features are so perfect Rex can’t believe she’s only a picture. But what Rex passes off as a figment of his imagination is quite real. And that brief sighting puts events into motion no one would expect. Soon, Rex’s life won’t be so regular.

Skyclyffe is a middle-grade novel about a boy’s adventure in a flying city. I’m eager for you to meet Rex and give me your feedback. Click on the Excerpt button to read the first five pages.


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